Militia Museum

Sea Girt and Lawrenceville, NJ

The National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey is located in both Sea Girt and Lawrenceville. This organization has the mission of preserving and explaining the military heritage of New Jersey, and enhancing public understanding of how armed conflicts and military institutions have shaped our state and national experience.


Always Ready Always There
The Army National Guard is called into action during storms, fires and other natural disasters, but did you know that you can also call on us to help your students choose a career path, apply to college, and prepare for life outside the classroom?

The New Jersey Army National Guard has the mission to create stronger partnerships with New Jersey Educators to meet our common goals which is to help New Jersey students become active community members and productive citizens. The Guard provides motivated manpower, trained professional support and many other available resources. We invite you to research the various established education programs listed below that are currently being implemented successfully in both traditional and nontraditional educational organizations throughout New Jersey.

Career Fairs / College Nights
We would like to attend your school's Career Fair and/or College Nights. The New Jersey Army National Guard offers numerous opportunities to high school and college students including part-time careers and 100% free tuition. We are eager to communicate our story by attending any opportunities your school may sponsor. Just click on Contact a Recruiter to speak with the recruiter in charge of your school.

Available Education Programs

National Guard School Programs
The National Guard can supplement your curriculum with a wide variety of programs in support of the state's learning standards. Learn more at

The ASVAB/Career Exploration Program is designed to help students learn more about themselves and the world of work. The ASVAB/CEP is a career planning and exploration program that combines a multiple-aptitude test with an interest self-assessment and a wide range of career exploration tools. The program guides students along a career development path that enables them to make the best choices for their future. For more information visit

Militia Museum of New Jersey
The Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to assist in the collection, preservation and display of artifacts and related memorabilia, which has specific historical significance to the Army National Guard, the Air National Guard, and the Naval Militia of New Jersey. Visit the museum website at

Contact Us

For more information please contact your local National Guard Recruiter.

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