Recruit Sustainment Program

Sea Girt, NJ

The nearly 230 Soldiers of the Recruit Sustainment Program at the National Guard Training Center, Sea Girt, wanted to give back to their communities. These young Guard members came up with an idea that saw a total of more than 680 toys, clothing items and canned food goods being donated to the Epiphany House program of the New Hope Foundation in Monmouth County.


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Balancing military life and everyday life is part of being in the Army National Guard. And the commitment to serve is something that's made easier with support and understanding - from family, friends and employers. Fortunately, there are good resources readily available to potential Guard soldiers, current Guardsman and those around them. Resources to aid in their decision-making process and help promote successful and satisfying lives of service.

Whatever your connection to the Army National Guard, readiness is important. And knowing what to expect is essential whether you're considering if the Guard is the right choice for you and your family or seeking to make the most of your opportunities in the Guard.

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