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The Recruiting and Retention Battalion is ready to assist unit readiness personnel and unit soldiers regarding retention procedures. We have created this website so that everyone can have the latest information on retention incentives.

Section I
Current Incentive Policy

Effective 02 January 2018, the Army National Guard is offering incentives to qualified soldiers and applicants.

A summary of incentives for current ARNG soldiers is provided below.

Section II

Reenlistment/Extension Bonus (REB) - $4,000/two years or $20,000/six years
The Army National Guard is offering a Reenlistment/Extension Bonus (REB) to qualified soldiers. The following are general criteria. For specific requirements see Incentive Policy above and refer to Enclosure 4 Paragraph 7.
  • Two or six year term of reenlistment/extension.
  • Soldier must be in pay grade E-3 thru E-7. Grade commensurate with position or position no greater than one grade above Soldier current grade.
  • Have less than 13 years Time-In-Service at contract start date.
  • Must be DMOSQ unless due to mobilization, reorganization, inactivation, or transformation.
  • Within extension window 365 days to ETS date.

Six Year REB Payment Rate
REB Extension
Eligibility Period
Extend 365-1
days before ETS
Less than
13 years TIS
paid 50%-50%
Two Year REB Payment Rate
REB Extension
Eligibility Period
Extend 365-1
days before ETS
Less than
13 years TIS
$4,000 paid
lump sum

MOS Conversion Bonus (MOSCB) - $4,000
The Army National Guard is offering a MOS Conversion Bonus (MOSCB) to qualified soldiers who agree to retrain in a shortage MOS. General criteria is below. For complete eligibility details and application process click on the Incentive Policy above and refer to paragraph 6.
  • Be a current ARNG service member serving in an excess position (coded 9993 in GIMS) and voluntarily/involuntary fill a valid vacant position where the MOS is less than 90 percent filled at state level.
  • Be in grade E6 or below and have completed all service obligations incurred for receipt of an enlistment or retention bonus. Note: Soldiers in enlistment grade of E-6 can have no more than 10 years of service at time of entering the conversion agreement. Soldiers in grade E-5 or below are not restricted to time in service requirements.
  • Contract for a minimum 3 year service obligation at time of MOS award.

Section III
Education Incentives

NJARNG Education Services Office
The mission of the New Jersey Army National Guard Education Services Office is to support the voluntary civilian education programs of the members of the New Jersey Army National Guard. For more info and contact numbers visit their website at or their Education Programs Overview.

Army National Guard GI Bill Support Center
The GI Bill Support team is located at the Professional Education Center (PEC) in North Little Rock, AR. Services are available Monday through Friday 0800-1700, Central Time. Team members can be reached at 1-866-628-5999 and at or

100% Free College Tuition
New Jersey state law mandates that every member of the New Jersey Army National Guard is authorized to attend any New Jersey public college or university tuition free for undergraduate and graduate studies. For more information visit 100% Free Tuition.

Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) - $50,000
Guard soldiers currently without SLRP can reenlist/extend between 365-1 days from current ETS in order to qualify for up to $50,000 in student loan repayments. Soldiers with SLRP can reenlist/extend at any time to add new loans to their current SLRP incentive. For more information check out Student Loan Repayment.

Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA) - $4,000/fiscal year
Army National Guard Soldiers are eligible for this benefit after graduation from either Advanced Individual Training (AIT), Officer Candidate School (OCS), or Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC). For more information check out Federal Tuition Assistance.

Montgomery GI Bill-Select Reserve (CH 1606) - $384/month
Current Army National Guard soldiers can reenlist/extend at any time for a period of 6 years in order to qualify for the Montgomery GI Bill-SR. Refer to DA Form 5435 or the GI Bill website.

Army National Guard GI Bill Kicker - $350/month
Current Army National Guard Soldiers may be eligible for this incentive. Eligibility requirements:
  • Cannot receive Reenlistment/Extension Bonus (REB) or Student Loan Repayment (SLRP) with the Kicker.
  • Has not previously contracted for a Kicker incentive.
  • Must be eligible to receive Chapter 1606 and/or Chapter 30 GI Bill benefits.
  • Reenlists/extends for a minimum period of service that equals six years.
  • Soldiers serving on their initial six-year service obligation must complete at least three years of service in order to reenlist or extend for the Kicker. Soldiers serving on a second or subsequent enlistment may reenlist or extend for the Kicker at anytime up to the grade of E-7.
  • DMOSQ as the primary position holder in a MOS that matches the authorized military grade commensurate with the position.
  • Pay Grade E-7 and below.

Eligible Soldiers reenlisting/extending for the Army National Guard Kicker will complete the ARNG Kicker contract NGB Form 5435 on the date of their reenlistment/extension. After-the-fact contracts are not authorized.

Army National Guard GI Bill Kicker - $350/month
Soldiers entering a Officer/Warrant Officer producing program are eligible for a $350 Kicker provided they meet all necessary requirements outlined in current incentive policy.

  • Current Kicker Recipients (Bump-Up)
    An Enlisted Soldier with a $100 or $200 Kicker entering a commissioning program may receive a supplement to $350. Note: No additional six-year military obligation is required.
  • Officer Candidate School (OCS)
    An Enlisted Soldier with a six-year military obligation, and without a previous Kicker contract, who is in the OCS (09S) Program, is eligible to complete a Kicker addendum upon completion of Phase 1 of OCS but before the date of commission.
  • Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS)
    An Enlisted Soldier without a previous Kicker contract, who is enrolled in the Warrant Officer Candidates Program, is eligible to complete a Kicker addendum after being placed on orders as a WOC but before the date of commissioning. The Soldier may have to extend in order to have a concurrent 6-year service obligation from the date of the Kicker contract.
  • Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)
    A Soldier enrolled in ROTC (09R) without a previous Kicker contract is eligible to complete a Kicker addendum with a six-year military obligation upon contracting in the ROTC Advance Course but before the date of commissioning.

Montgomery GI Bill - Post 9/11 (CH 33)
The Post-9/11 GI Bill provides financial support for education and housing to individuals with at least 90 days of aggregate service on or after September 11, 2001, or individuals discharged with a service-connected disability after 30 days. You may also be eligible to transfer this benefit to your dependents. For more information go to the Post 9/11 GI Bill website or on Facebook.

Testing, Licensure & Certification
Refer to ARNG Education Services Website.

Additional Education Resources
For more information on education resources check out Other Education Benefits or Testing / Certification.

Section IV
Military Career Management

DA PAM 600-25
This resource allows you and your leaders alike to help identify, from your individual proponent's perspective, the types of assignments, training, and achievements that best prepare you for success in your respective MOS. Refer to DA PAM 600-25.

Army Career Tracker
Army Career Tracker (ACT) is a leadership development tool that integrates training and education into one personalized, easy-to-use website. Users can search multiple Army education and training resources, monitor their career development and receive personalized advice from their supervisor and Army leadership. Visit Army Career Tracker.

Enlisted Promotions
Enlisted Soldiers have strict guidelines by which they will be promoted and are governed by AR 600-8-19, Chapters 1, 2, 7, 10, and 11.

Inactive National Guard (ING)
ING is an effective way to keep Soldiers in the Guard who need a temporary reprieve from the rigors of regular participation in the ARNG. Refer to NGR 614-1.

APFT Failure
Soldiers otherwise eligible to extend or immediately reenlist, but who failed to take or pass their last APFT within 18 months before ETS are authorized to extend their current enlistment up to 6 months.

Army Weight Control Program
Soldiers in the Army Weight Control Program who are making satisfactory progress to meet the body composition requirements of AR 600-9 are authorized to extend their current enlistment up to 12 months.

Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT)
Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT) is the in-service version of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). The test is used to determine a Soldier’s qualifications for Military Occupational Specialties and commissioning programs. Soldier must initiate a DA Form 4187 Request for Personnel Action. The test is conducted at local Education Centers. Soldiers can test up to four times. More information at Army Personnel Testing.

Officer Candidate School / Warrant Officer
The New Jersey Army National Guard is constantly recruiting qualified unit members for Officer Candidate School (OCS) and Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS). For more information go to OCS or Warrant Officer.

ARNG G1 Portal
Get information on Career Management, Education/Training, Financial, Medical, and more at ARNG G1 Human Resources Directorate.

Section V
Support Services

NJNG Family Programs
This website provides an overview of military benefits and how to access them, identifies eligibility requirements associated with some entitlements and, most importantly, lets you know where you can obtain assistance when you have specific questions and problems. For more information go to

Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)
If you have any issues with your employer the NJ ESGR stands ready to assist. The ESGR provides free education, consultation, and if necessary, mediation for employers of Guard and Reserve employees. For more information go to or

Vets4Warriors Peer-to-Peer Counseling 1-855-838-8255
Vets4Warriors, a toll-free, peer-to-peer counseling hotline, will provide Guard members and all reserve component members with the ability to speak with counselors on the phone or on-line. For more information visit

Veterans Counseling Hotline 1-866-VETS-NJ4
The toll-free helpline, which is accessible 24/7 by dialing 1-866-VETS-NJ4 (1-866-838-7654) is coordinated by Rutgers University Behavioral HealthCare, and features peer counseling, clinical assessment, assistance to family members and provides New Jersey veterans and their families with access to a comprehensive Mental Health Provider Network of mental health professionals specializing in PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other veteran issues. All services are free and confidential. For more information visit

Military OneSource 1-800-342-9647
Military OneSource is available to help you with just about any need. Available by phone or online, their free service is provided by the Department of Defense for Guard service members and their families. The service is completely private and confidential, with few exceptions. For more info visit their website at

inTransition 1-800-424-7877
InTransition, a voluntary, confidential program, supports military members and their families undergoing a change of status, relocation, or return to civilian life. Open to all service branches, including the Guard and Reserves, inTransition is part of a Defense Department Health Affairs policy that identifies and screens every service member with a mental health need for referral to the program. Visit their website at

Real Warriors 1-866-966-1020
The Real Warriors Campaign, sponsored by the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE), is a multimedia public education campaign designed to combat the stigma associated with seeking psychological health treatment and encourage service members to get appropriate treatment. Please visit their website at for more resources including our 24/7 live chat, message boards and more.

Army Substance Abuse Program
The Army Substance Abuse Program mission is to strengthen the overall fitness and effectiveness of the Army's workforce, to conserve manpower and enhance the combat readiness of Soldiers. For more information visit

Military Legal Assistance Program
The New Jersey State Bar Association, through its Military Law and Veterans' Affairs Committee, in conjunction with McCarter & English, L.L.P. has established the Military Legal Assistance Program. This pro bono program provides assistance to New Jersey residents who have served overseas as active duty members of reserve components of the armed forces after September 11, 2001. For more info visit

JAGCNet is a legal information portal maintained by the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Corps that provides a wealth of legal information for Service Members. While it is not a substitute for actual legal advice, the information on the site is invaluable and answers many of the questions people ask. For more info visit

Additional Resources
Check out our website at Family Resources or Veterans for links and resources available to soldiers and their families.

Section VI
Employment Resources

Career Websites
American Corporate Partners - Corporate and academic professionals mentor returning Veterans as they transition back into the civilian workforce. - A pre-matching process delivers talent to hiring managers and job opportunities to former military job seekers. - A secure job board for individuals with active security clearances and those employers seeking to hire them.
Defense Support Services (DS2) - DoD support for maintenance, repair and aviation jobs.
eBenefits Career Center - Career tools for servicemembers and veterans.
Feds Hire Vets - U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s Government-wide Veterans Employment Website.
Helmets to Hardhats NJ - Jobs in the building and construction trades.
Hero 2 Hired - H2H was created to make it easy for Reserve Component service members to connect to and find jobs with military-friendly companies.
HirePatriots - The mission of HirePatriots is to create a nationwide employment safety net for US veterans. - Retired and separated commissioned officers and senior noncommissioned officers of the U.S. military services post resumes and search for jobs on this website. - Receives and posts job opportunities from employers who want to hire transitioning military and Veterans in a variety of occupations.
Hiring Our Heroes - A nationwide initiative by the US Chamber of Commerce to help Veterans and military spouses find meaningful employment.
Jobs4Jersey - State of New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development.
Mil2FedJobs - This site helps you translate military occupations to federal jobs. Hosted by state of Maryland.
Military Connection - Provides assorted information about transition activities. - A job search center offering a resume builder, skill translator, career networker, salary calculator and job-hunting guidance.
My Next Move - A continually updated database for exploring and searching occupations.
One-Stop Career Centers - One-Stop Career centers are located throughout NJ and offer services (free of charge) to help you develop the skills necessary to succeed in a 21st century work environment.
Rally Point - Free professional social network for current military and Veterans.
RecruitMilitary - Veteran-owned firm dedicated to helping Veterans achieve their dreams.
Recruit Veterans - A staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in placing outstanding military Veterans.
Transition Assistance Online - Free job listings, resume posting, job fair info for Service Members, retirees and Families.
Troops to Teachers (TTT) - The TTT program provides assistance and mentoring to transition into a new teaching career.
Unite US - Unite US is a free interactive mapping platform allowing veterans and their families to engage with local resources and military supporters.
USAJOBS - The federal government’s official one-stop source for federal jobs and employment information.
VA for Vets - facilitates the reintegration, retention and hiring of Veteran employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Veterans Employment and Training Services (VETS) - Provides resources and expertise to assist and prepare Veterans to obtain meaningful careers. - The facts about Veterans services, resources, organizations with employment assistance and job search.

Section VII
ADURNCO Resources

Forms / Documents
a. NJARNG Retention Handbook
b. DD Form 2875 ICAN Template
c. NJARNG Form 5 User Agreement for NIPRNET/SIPRNET
d. Guard Net Account Creation Request

Access to Retention Management System (RMS)
a. Go to Click on the RMS tab and request access by filling in all information that it asks for. Then click on the RMS Training tab and do the same as with the RMS tab.

b. Then email and call SFC Quigley at 908-285-2263 / and let him know that you have put in a request. He will not know you sent a request unless you call and email him with all your information. This will be his confirmation that it is you that is requesting access.

Access to Reserve Component Automated Systems (RCAS)
a. Fill out the three forms above and return them to the G6 in order to initiate a request for a RCAS Account.

b. Complete and submit a copy of the DoD Cyber Awareness Certificate located at

c. The user must also login, self-register and complete the questionnaire in the Army Training & Certificate Tracking System (ATCTS) located at

d. Once all of this is complete, the three completed forms and Cyber Awareness Certificate should be emailed to In the body of the email, the user must state that he/she is requesting an RCAS account and provide POC information.

e. After the email is sent, AESD will generate a ticket and route it to the NJARNG helpdesk.

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