44th Infantry Division

Asbury Park, NJ

Defending the beach at Asbury Park, May, 1942. The 44th Infantry Division, a largely NJ National Guard unit, was called to active duty at Fort Dix in November, 1940 and was part of a large maneuver in 1942 in which forces were deployed along the NJ coast to repel a mock invasion. These soldiers are setting up a .50 caliber machine gun on the Asbury Park beach.

Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges

"Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in." - Napoleon

Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC)
SOC is a Department of Defense (DoD) contractor supporting government-sponsored education programs funded through a DoD-managed contract with the IBM Corporation. SOC is dedicated to supporting, expanding, and improving the voluntary postsecondary education needs of servicemembers worldwide.

SOC is a cooperative civilian and military effort designed to link Service members to institutions that provide high quality degree, certificate, and technical education programs. SOC works closely with institutions to facilitate the transferability of credit within degree programs. The institutions aligning with SOC agree to maximize academic credit for military training and experience as well as alternative testing such as CLEP, DSST or Excelsior Credit Examinations (ECE). By building and maintaining partnerships with the higher education community, voluntary military education community, and industry, SOC assists Service members in making informed educational choices and identifying quality degree and certificate programs in marketable careers.

SOC works directly with partner schools within the GoArmyEd Portal and Headquarters Army Continuing Education System (HQ ACES) to safeguard the quality of degree programs and courses available to Service members, and to determine the transferability of credits amongst participating schools. SOC GoArmyEd staff is available to assist institutions with onboarding, questions and concerns encountered while working within the GoArmyEd portal, and assisting Service members with their educational and tuition assistance needs.. For more information visit SOC’s web site at www.gosoced.org.

SOC can help you:
  • Minimize loss of credit and duplication of coursework if you change schools;
  • Work with designated SOC Counselors to resolve education issues.
  • Resolve mobilization issues such as tuition refunds, student loan, GI Bill status, re-enrollment upon redeployment, and other issues related to interrupting your education for a call to Active Duty.

National Guard soldiers working the rifle range at
Sea Girt, NJ in 1925.
As a member of the Army National Guard, you can take advantage of the many programs offered by SOC. Some of the benefits a Soldier in the Army National Guard may realize from the SOC programs are:
  • Admission to college concurrent with enlistment
  • A specific degree plan to attend college and graduate
  • College credit for military training and experience
  • Job skill development and career possibilities
  • Two- and four-year college degrees aligned with their military occupational specialties.

SOC Degree Network System (SOC DNS)
The SOC Degree Network System (DNS) is managed and maintained by SOC and serves as the academic facilitator for information exchange and problem solving between schools and the military and consists of an elite set of vetted degree-granting colleges and universities. These institutions are bound by articulation agreements and have adopted policies outlined in the Department of Defense Memorandum of Understanding (DoD MOU) to help Service members obtain college degrees at the 2 and 4-year levels. Degree programs aligned in the DNS networks are reflective of high-demand occupations and nationwide workforce trends. Get more information on the SOC website at www.gosoced.org.

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